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Since 2012, Lure Doctor products have been produced using all-natural ingredients sourced and mixed domestically. Developed by industry experts and refined by chemists, Lure Doctor Deer Estrous and Elk Estrous have been proven effective in the field and have become the chosen products by both expert and casual hunters alike.

The Lure Doctor team created these products out of a true passion for hunting and spent years perfecting the formula before sharing it with the world. Now all hunters can access the secret weapon only a select few had access to prior as both Lure Doctor Deer Estrous and Elk Estrous are now available for purchase!

Experience the benefits of all-natural Lure Doctor products today!


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  • Lure Doctor Deer Estrous

    Deer Estrous

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  • Lure Doctor Elk Estrous

    Elk Estrous

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I became an early user of the Lure Doctor products 8 years ago! I can honestly say that as a lifetime hunter, that since I started using Lure Doctor products, it's been the best seasons I have ever had!

Paul G.

Authentic aroma carries far in the wind and always produces results. Lure Doctor is the only product I trust and has been my go to for years!

Trey G.

Lure Doctor